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Advanced Amazon Alexa Skill

  • Schedule : One-day workshop
  • Who is this for: IT Students, Techies, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Associated with the course Provider : Labdox

Duration: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Schedule: One-day workshop
Level: Beginner
Rs: 2,699

Course Overview

1) Build custom voice commands for Alexa devices using the Alexa Skills Kit
2) Learners would know essential terminology, how to build voice interactions, and how to test responsiveness.
3) How to configure skills in the Amazon Developer Portal.
4) Create and Deploy skills for Multi-Modal Experience
5) How to create an Alexa Presentation Language (APL) skill

What is Alexa? Why is it important?
Creating an Amazon account
Deploying skills using Node.js, Lambda functions, and Amazon Web Services.
Create an intelligent conversational design
Understanding Custom skills
Building custom skills
Configuring the skill
Alexa developer Console - Build, Code and test tabs
Building the handler skill
Testing the Skill
Expanding the skill
Modifying speech with SSML
Enhancing skills with images and sounds
How to test your skill in the browser and on an actual Alexa device.
Designing effective voice interactions
Alexa response functions
Skills software development kit (SDK)
Mapping values
Submitting skills for certification
Testing in the Alexa Developer console
Adding images and sound effects to skills
What is APL
Using the APL authoring tool
Building APL skills