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Automotive Engineering

  • Schedule : 10 pm to 6 pm
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Duration: 1 year
Schedule: 10 pm to 6 pm
Level: Beginner

Course Overview

Future Direction

Once autonomous vehicles and robotaxis hit the road, cars will be built with an emphasis on the passengers rather than the driver.

Besides safety, AI assistants enabled by Nvidia’s DRIVE IX can provide convenience features for every passenger.

Israeli automotive computer vision startup eyeSight uses AI and deep learning to offer an absolute plethora of in-car automotive solutions. Using advanced Time-of-Flight (TOF) cameras and IR sensors, eyeSight’s AI software detects driver behavior in four key areas.

Accelerated Workflows

It takes a lot of manpower to bring an idea from charts to chassis. From the moment of conceptualising the idea with rough sketches to simulating the design, the design engineers consider a lot of factors to tweak in whatever efficiency they can.

Nvidia’s Quadro RTX with NVIDIA Turing™ architecture fuses AI, real-time ray tracing, and programmable shading to fundamentally transform the traditional product design process. Quadro RTX is the foundation of an advanced ecosystem of hardware and software accelerating new design workflows and improving how teams collaborate.

AI-powered rendering denoising running on Quadro speeds up noiseless visualization of photorealistic renders. And the new Quadro RTX GPUs are built for AI inferencing to power the next generation of visual computing for manufacturing applications.