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3D Printing Workshop

  • Schedule : 8 hours
  • Who is this for: Engineering Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs
  • Associated with the course Provider : 0

Duration: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Schedule: 8 hours
Level: Beginner
Rs: 3,000

Course Overview

List of objectives

  • 3D Printing vs Conventional Manufacturing Process

  • Understand the basics of 3D CAD designing

  • Explore Design Thinking

  • Learning about Slicing Software

  • Learning about the 3D Printing process

  • Understand the basics of 3D Printing machine software

  • Learning about the 3D Printer Operations

  • Understanding the Assembly models


List of Activities

  • Introduction to 3D Printing

  • Introduction to CAD Designing

  • Tools used to Design an Object

  • Exporting the File

  • DIY Task

  • Introduction to CURA

  • Transformation tools in CURA

  • CURA Settings

  • Saving G-Code

  • Steps Involved in Design Thinking

  • Learning Assemblies

  • Hands-on +Printing of the model