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3D Printing Workshop

  • Schedule : 8 hours
  • Who is this for: Engineering Students, Professionals

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Duration: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Schedule: 8 hours
Level: Beginner

Course Overview

Learn how 3D Scanning works; Watch Live demo of 3D Scanning, Understand where to use free-form scanning vs turntable scanning; Know what’s reverse Engineering; 

How full-body scanning works; How to 3D Scan using just a mobile.

Get introduced to CAD in 3D; Hands-on session on using Sketchup - Basic Geometrical shapes & a customized mini project; Demos of TinkerCAD, 
OpenSCAD, How to design by coding, What tools to use for which industry; etc.

How to 3D Print a CAD Design; What file formats are supported; How does an STL look like; How does a GCODE look like; How to configure a high-quality 3D Print vs a fast 3D Print; What settings affect the strength & weight of a 3D Print. How to 3D Print in two colors or two materials.

Various Types of 3D Printers; Live Demo of FDM; Video Demos of others; Which 3D Printer suits which industry; 
Commercial & Technical aspects of various 3D Printers; Material compatibility of each type.

Learn about Support Removal, Chemical Treatments, Painting Options etc after the 3D Print is done.

Introduction to 3D Printing

General Introduction and various techniques

Applications of 3D Printing

The wide-spread applications of 3D Printing in various industries/fields.

3D Scanning

How 3D Scanning works, Available 3D Scanners, How to 3D Scan using a mobile phone, possibilities, and applications of 3D Scanning

Computer-Aided Design

Get introduced to CAD, installation, an overview of some CAD modeling tools, Designing 3D models with different software, 3D Designing using coding, etc.

3D Slicing

Parameters involved in 3D Printing, visualizing Gcode, Simulating output, etc.,

3D Printing

3D Printing Technology, Participant's designs Random interesting objects

Trends and Future of 3D Printing

Possibilities and Present biggest thing in 3D Printing, more commercial and technical aspects, Q&A, etc