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Virtual Product Development

  • Schedule : 4 weeks
  • Who is this for: Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates
  • Associated with the course Provider : 0

Duration: Self Paced
Schedule: 4 weeks
Level: Intermediate
Rs: 36,000

Course Overview

List of topics to be covered

Introduction to Multi-Body Dynamics
Robotic Arm Simulation
Cam motion analysis
Foot pedal mechanism design project
CFD using SolidWorks Flow Simulation
Steady State Simulation of a pipe flow
Transient simulation of flow over a cylinder
Flow over a backward facing step 
Flow over an airfoil
Flow over an IC Engine Valve
Flow through a simple centrifugal pump
Introduction to MATLAB
Genetic Algorithm
Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
Static and Dynamic Fatigue Analysis
Understanding contacts, meshing requirements

Course 1: Structural Analysis

Course 2: Multi-Body Dynamics Simulation

Course 3 : Flow Simulation

Course 4 : Computer Programming Using MATLAB