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Embedded System

  • Schedule : 3 weeks
  • Who is this for: Graduates, Post Graduates from Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation Background
  • Associated with the course Provider : 0

Duration: 9:00 am
Schedule: 3 weeks
Level: Intermediate
Rs: 10,000

Course Overview

8051 microcontroller architecture and hands on using assembly programming and OPCODES for IO ports, on chip RAM, on chip timers, memory mapped IO, external memory and PPI interface, 8255 PPI interface and programming, LCD and keyboard interface, stepper motor controller, hardware and software interrupts – hand on using stepper motor and opto couplers, LEDS and on chip timers, serial RS232 communication using PC hyper terminal, introduction to “C”, hands on and Embedded “C”, 32 bit RISC microcontroller ARM7 LPC2148 architecture, hands on using embedded C programming and down loading on training board and developed hardware using flash utilities, System On Chip (SOC) architecture