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Fast Track Advanced IOT

  • Schedule : 2 weeks
  • Who is this for: Engineering Graduates, Professionals
  • Associated with the course Provider : 0

Duration: 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Schedule: 2 weeks
Level: Beginner
Rs: 7,000

Course Overview

What “the Internet of Things” means and how it relates to Cloud computing concepts 
How open platforms allow you to store your sensor data in the Cloud 
The basic usage of the Arduino, RaspberryPi & Nodemcu  environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost 
How to connect your Arduino & RaspberryPi with your Android phone.
Basic usage of RaspberryPi.
Use of Arduino & RaspberryPi in IoT
How to create your own Android App using MIT App Inventor.
How to send data to the Internet and talk to the Cloud.
How to update sensor readings on Twitter (Social Networking Sites).
How to control any device from anywhere across the world.
How to connect to cloud ready IoT Server using MQTT.
Python, Embedded C, Node.js etc will be covered.

Introduction to the Internet of Things

  • The Internet of Things
  • The Basics of Sensors & Actuators
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

The Arduino Platform

  • The Arduino Open-Microcontroller Platform
  • Arduino Basics
  • Arduino Board Layout & Architecture
  • Reading from Sensors

Programming fundamentals ( C language )

Arduino Programming & Interface of Sensors

  • Interfacing sensors with Arduino
  • Programming Arduino
  • Reading from Sensors

Embedded Projects