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Analytical Techniques

  • Schedule : 15 Weeks
  • Who is this for: Post Graduates
  • Associated with the course Provider : 0

Duration: Self Paced
Schedule: 15 Weeks
Level: Advanced
Rs: 0

Course Overview

Week 1 

Aqueous solutions, Acids, Bases, buffers systems, and pH meter, Colorimetry and UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy Introduction to Hydrodynamic Techniques 

Week 2 

Centrifugation: Principles & Methodology Density Gradient centrifugation: Rate Zonal and isopycnic  Differential centrifugation for Sub-cellular Fractionation  

Week 3 

Gel filtration: Principle, Methodology & Applications  Planar Chromatography:  Principles and Applications

Week 4 

Ion-exchange chromatography, Affinity chromatography

Week 5

Gas chromatography, HPLC, Protein Estimation Techniques

Week 6

Electron Microscopy, TEM and SEM  Fluorescence Microscopy: Application to live cell imaging

Week 7

IHC and IF, Flow cytometry: Theory and concept Flow cytometry: Application in biology and medicine

Week 8

Light Microscopy and  Confocal Microscopy, SDS-PAGE 

Week 9

Western Blotting Techniques, 2D Electrophoresis and DIGE,  Principles of Mass spectrometry 

Week 10

Clinical Proteomics Methods to quantify and Integrity check of DNA  

Week 11

Methods to quantify and Integrity check of RNA,   PCR, and Real-Time PCR, Blotting techniques for Nucleic acids

Week 12

Sequencing techniques of nucleic acids, Introduction to Recombinant DNA Technology

Week 13

Expression techniques of recombinant proteins using Bacteria and yeast, Expression techniques of recombinant proteins by insects and mammalian cells, Introduction to Genomic Techniques

Week 14

Techniques for studying Nucleic acid, Protein interactions, ELISA, RIA: Diagnostic applications

Week 15

CLIA and its Diagnostic application, PET and its Diagnostic applications, Single cell biology