Process Instrumentation and Control online Training

  • Schedule : Online
  • Who is this for: The Electronic Engineering, The individuals with a degree or diploma in Process Instrumentation

Duration: 6 PM-9 PM
Schedule: Online
Level: Intermediate
Rs: 0

Course Overview

The software brings the coordination between the mechanical and electronic counterparts and performs the task with the minimum physical effort. Moreover,  the knowledge of this application is highly in demand in the piping industry and learning will get you a better career opportunity in the industry.

Instrumentation Engineering and role of Instrumentation engineer  

Industry overview and scope  

Instrumentation fundamentals

Different types of instrument of pressure, temperature, flow, level, control valves and their application & selection  


Fire and gas system  

Flow calculation and control sizing

Standards & codes for instrumentation 

Instrument Procurement and Inspection 

PLC programming 

SCADA programming

P&I diagram  

Data Sheet / Spec Sheet / Index 

Loop / Hook Up Drawings

P&I diagram  

Emergency shutdown system

FAT procedure & SAT procedure

  • An Introduction

  • The Detailed Study

  • Standards & codes for instrumentation

  • Instrument Procurement and Inspection

  • PLC programming (Ladder Diagram) of shutdown logic for emergency shutdown system.

  • SCADA programming

  • Detail design engineering

  • Diagrams & Layout

  • Documentation & Technical bid evaluation