Drone Technology Online Courses

  • Schedule : Online
  • Who is this for: Electronics Engineer, Automation Engineer, Computer Science Engineer

Duration: 2 Months
Schedule: Online
Level: Beginner
Rs: 45,500

Course Overview

The objective of Drone Technology Course is to teach you the steps that you need to take before flying a drone. It begins with an introduction to the software tools that you can use to launch a drone successfully and safely. Once you learn the drone basics, you can confidently join other drone enthusiasts and fly your own drone for profit or for fun.

  • Basic electronics

  • Arduino control + wireless concepts

  • Building the Quadcopter + attaching wireless camera module

  • Flying your first drone


  • Learn about Arduino and connecting wirelessly via a remote

  • Understand how the flying works, and balancing of frame and rotor control

  • Learn about Aerial photography

  • Have your own remote-controlled camera attached drone flying in the sky