About Us

A Science & Technology start-up facilitates its users to explore and learn about various scientific products, concepts, and applications all at one place. We provide curated and customized training by giving onsite and real exposure in a workshop, laboratory or factory settings. We have also taken a step further where we can prepare learners on the entrepreneurial aspects of being enterprising. With our specialized and customized training that covers numerous engineering and technical disciplines, enables mastering new skills and build a strong career.

Linkedin : linkedin.com/in/amit-kothari

Weblinks : www.labdox.com
Weblinks : www.atozini.com

Our Amazing Team

About the founders

Amit Kothari


Past: Amit is a 2 X Entrepreneur and is bringing over 16 years of operations, technology, marketing, management and business analysis expertise in the Science & Technology and Education Industries.

Present: Amit manages activities relating to the Content & Commerce and facilitates the growth of labdox partnerships. When not at work, Amit can be seen catching his favorite movie or hitting another road trip.

Future: Keep on spinning the wheels of innovation

Pooja Keswani


Past: 18 years of being there and done that in Project, Product, and People Management.

Present: Pooja helps the company's growth strategy by balancing a collection of considerations including project deliverables and defining processes for the niche market, technology and project specializations. When not at work, Pooja can be seen delving her mind, soul, and shoulders for sustainable movements.

Future: A cup full of consciousness

Swanand Patil

Technical Advisor

Past: Technology Guru and experience across many different technology-related fields, ranging from financial software engineering to technical e-commerce projects

Present: At labdox Swanand is enabling scalable technology solutions and stable architecture. For the sustainable growth of the company. When not at work, Swanand can be seen playing mentor to his friends or haggling for his favorite lager.

Future: Taming the Gallardo