Substation Design ( Main Equipment )

  • Schedule : Online
  • Who is this for: Electrical Engineering Students , Professionals

Duration: 5-8 Hours
Schedule: Online
Level: Beginner
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Course Overview


  •  About system studies.
  •  About harmonic filters and other measures


Our Courses are highly specialized and tailor-made covering numerous engineering and technical disciplines. The course is composed of 12 modules.

  • Role of Substations in an Electrical Network,Types & Configurations of Substations
  • Examples/Case studies of Substation Location & Selection of Configuration
  • System studies required for Finishing Equipment Ratings
  • Example/Case studies of system studies required & system study specifications
  • Overview of switchyard equipment & their ordering specifications
  • Example/Case studies of Substation Equipment Ratings/Order specifications
  • Substation Equipment for Fault Limiting,Pf Compensation
  • Substation Equipment for Harmonic Control
  • Overview of Medium Voltage (MV) Metal Enclosed Substation Equipment
  • Examples/Case studies of MV Substation Equipment Design
  • MV Substation Design & Specifications
  • Examples/Case studies of MV Substation Equipment Layout

  •  Selecting appropriate design configuration 
  •  Calculating the ratings of main equipment such as busbars, transformers, and switchgears
  •  The need for maintaining critical substation equipment
  •  Planning appropriate redundancies
  • Topics related to system studies