Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCS) & SCADA Systems

  • Schedule : Online
  • Who is this for: Electricians , Technicians , Engineers

Duration: 5-8 Hours
Schedule: Online
Level: Beginner
Rs: 0

Course Overview


  • To  give practical, up-to-date information on the application of PLC systems to the automation and process control industries.
  • To provide  practical advice from experts in the field
  • To assist you in correctly planning, programming, and installing a PLC with a shorter learning curve and more confidence.

  • Introduction and brief history of PLCs
  • Background of SCADA
  • Fundamentals of PLC Software
  • SCADA System Software
  • Good Programming Habits
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Advanced Control With PLCs
  • Landline Media
  • Introduction to lec 61131-3
  • SCADA Network Security
  • Building PLC Panels, as well as General Commissioning, Testing & Upgrading
  • Industrial Communications Protocols

Topics included are

  • The emphasis of the course will be on practical industry topics, highlighting recent developments,
  • Using case studies, the latest application of SCADA, PLC technologies, and fundamentals will be covered.