Electrical Power System Fundamentals for Non-Electrical Engineers

  • Schedule : 5-8 Hours
  • Who is this for: Non-Electrical Engineers

Duration: 3 Months
Schedule: 5-8 Hours
Level: Beginner
Rs: 0

Course Overview


  • To understand the fundamental principles of electrical generation, transmission, and distribution.

  • To understand electrical distribution in further detail.

  • To review electrical measurements as applied to single-phase and three-phase systems.

  • Basic concepts
  • Electrical Generation ,Transmission and Distribution
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Electrical Measurements and Instrument Transformers for Switchgear
  • Transformers and Earthing Considerations
  • Faults,Fuses and Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical and Rotating Machines-AC & DC
  • Electrical Lighting and Electrical Heating in Industries
  • Power Electronics Basics & Power Quality
  • Power Systems Protection & Electrical Safety
  • Customer Installations & Contractual Aspects
  • Load Forecasting ,Planning & Project Evaluation

Topics Covered

  • Electrical power system protection
  • Electrical safety, and customer installations.
  • We will also discuss load forecasting, substation automation, the smart grid, industrial data communications, and carbon trading.