Allen Bradley Controllogix / Logix5000 PLC Platforms

  • Schedule : Online
  • Who is this for: Software Engineers, Students

Duration: 5-8 Hours
Schedule: Online
Level: Beginner
Rs: 0

Course Overview


  • To understand the basics of control systems, why we use them, and the various practical aspects of a Rockwell PLC
  •  Different programming techniques, fault finding, and correcting faults are also covered in detail.

  • Basic understanding of Control Systems & LOGIX5000
  • Getting Started with Project Creation & Modification
  • Organizing Data & Basuic Ladder Logic Design & Rules
  • Hardware Identification & Module Selection & Configuration
  • Ladder Programming Using More Advanvced Instruction Types
  • Using Specialized Instructions & Communications
  • Documenting & Searching a Project & Sharing Data over a Network
  • Fault finding Techniques
  • Creating an Add -on Instructions & Online Actions
  • The Netlinx Philosophy & Earthing Considerations
  • Firmware Upgrade & Setting Up Communication Modules
  • Introduction to Other Programming Languages

Topics included are

  • Understanding control systems

  • How a PLC works and why we use them

  • Drafting basic ladder logic for an RSLogix 5000ladder routine

  • Operating and navigating RSLogix 5000 software

  • Fundamentals and definition of terms

  • Creating and modifying an RSLogix 5000 project

  • Relationship between the binary, decimal and hexadecimal numbering systems

  • Creating tags and monitoring data in an RSLogix 5000 project

  • The difference between tags and addresses

  • Drafting basic ladder logic for an RSLogix 5000 ladder routine

  • Selecting and entering basic ladder logic instructions for an RSLogix 5000 routine

  • Organizing data

  • Tasks, programs, and routines

  • Tag arrays

  • Hardware of the different platforms, chassis, controllers, I/O modules and communication modules

  • Configuring Controllogix digital I/O modules

  • Configuring Controllogix analog I/O modules

  • Ladder programming using more advanced instruction types

  • Using expressions

  • Programming a procedures

  • Retrieving and setting controller status values with GSV/SSV instructions

  • Programming a BTD instruction

  • Configuring a message instruction

  • Programming program control instructions

  • Creating user-defined data types

  • Using RSlinx for controller to computer communication

  • Searching for project components

  • Documenting a project

  • Configuring Logix5000 controllers to share data over an Ethernet/IP network

  • Communicating with an I/O Module over an Ethernet/IP network

  • Forcing I/O tags and toggling bits

  • Analyzing and troubleshooting a system using a trend chart

  • Analyzing and correcting controller faults

  • Analyzing and correcting I/O faults

  • Chassis and power supply problem

  • Entering and editing ladder logic online

  • Developing an add-on instruction in a ladder diagram

  • Managing RSLogix 5000 project files

  • The three major industrial networks used by Controllogix

  • The network topologies explained

  • Installation considerations including earthing and power supplies

  • Updating Logix5000 Firmware using Controlflash

  • Setting up communication modules

  • Introduction to BootP server

  • Introduction and creation of a function block diagram

  • Introduction and creation of a structured text routine

  • Introduction and creation of a sequential function chart